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At Nature’s Bounty, we’re serious about supporting your health*. That’s why we use the latest science and finest ingredients to create products that do more to enhance your wellness routine.Δ

Hair Growth

  • Thicker, fuller hair in 3 months*
  • One per-day formula
  • Great affordable price

Metabolism Booster

  • Clinically studied plant-based actives
  • Supports a healthy metabolism*
  • 100% drug-free and safe for daily use

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Experience the vast and unique products Nature’s Bounty® has to offer.



Immune 24, Sleep3 & innovative wellness solutions for the whole family


Half a century of innovation with the help of quality scientists and researchers


Support for what matters most—from sleep to stress comfort to digestive and heart health*


That’s every single month. We test and retest to bring you potent and efficacious ingredients, guaranteed


Find vitamins to support your health needs

From stress support for calmer days to sleep support for a good night’s rest, Nature’s Bounty has you covered—and more.* We bring you more options backed by more science, so you can find wellness solutions that help bring out your best.Δ

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What our customers say

Easy way to a healthier digestive system

"First of all, the dosage is easy, 1 pill a day with a meal... that's it. No yucky aftertaste, and after a few days, I can already tell that I feel better. It has 10 strains of probiotics and is very good to help keep your tummy (and other things) performing as it should! I would definitely recommend!"


-- redhairirish1

Vitamin D3

"I am always low on vitamin D because I don’t stay in the sun long enough. I bought these to try to help improve my vitamin D levels and it’s improving."


-- kimberlya8918

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What our customers say

Delicious and good for you!
The gummies are absolutely delicious. Vegan and good for you! Full of necessary vitamins and minerals which are great for your skin.
Tasty Vegan Vitamin Gummies
I feel great since I’ve been taking them and feel good knowing I’ve got the extra nutrients, especially during the winter period.
Great product for imunity and cell protection
I have been taking 2 gummies daily as per suggested use and been feeling great. It is so easy to take them and they are also delicious.
This Biotin really works. I really see the difference around my hairline. It’s filled in.
Amazing brand
The aches I was getting in my muscles stopped after about 11 days of using them and I did definitely feel more relaxed whilst taking them
No pain in my knees
I suffer from arthritis especially in my knees, on the 3rd week I noticed a decline in my pain. In the end I actually went onto the website and bought 3 months supply, they seem to cut the pain in half.
Tastes amazing and feel great
They taste great, the flavour is really fruity and not powdery at all. It actually feels like I'm getting a little treat each morning for being good, like a little sweet to help me feel good.
Noticed improvements in just one month.
These gummies are the tastiest gummies I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried a few. After using for a month my hair feels shinier and looks healthier and in particular my nails feel stronger and look healthier.
A Great Supplement if you are Fatigued
By far the best iron supplement tablet I have taken. They are easy to take and swallow, I have had no stomach issues at all. After a few days of taking these tablets I have felt more energetic and concentrated.

Learn more with Nature’s Bounty®

Living healthy is a learning process. At Nature’s Bounty, we’re committed to bringing you the latest information, updates, and self-care tips. If a scientific breakthrough changes the facts, we’ll let you know. And if we find a healthy recipe we love, we’ll share that, too!

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